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Director of Outreach - Charis Johnson

Adoption Story

Charis Johnson first explored adoption as an option for her family after several failed fertility efforts to conceive her own genetic child. She and her husband first became acquainted with the adoption process by becoming licensed as Foster/Adoptive Parents.  During their journey as foster parents, they cared for 3 different children over the course of their journey, all of whom were reunited with their birth parents.  Charis later turned to Domestic Adoption Facilitation as an option during which she was connected to the birth mother of Julah.  Domestic Adoption Facilitation allowed Charis the opportunity to walk alongside her daughter's birth mother, establish a relationship, and be involved in the pregnancy and birth.  After the finalization of Julah's adoption, and as she was a bit older, the Johnson family sought to expand their family again.  


As Charis and her husband researched all of their options, Charis became aware of embryo adoption through a friend.  The statistics regarding the number of embryos waiting to be adopted took her breath away. Due to the dramatic increase of fertility and IVF in the past decade, there are over 500,000 frozen embryos in the United States alone, with over 50,000 of them needing adoptive families.  She soon connected with the genetic parents of her daughter Zoe and through adopting their remaining embryos, Charis was able to experience pregnancy and birth of her daughter Zoe who was adopted as an embryo.

Finally, Charis and her husband sought to add to their family again and participated initially in Domestic Adoption Facilitation.  Through this process, they were connected to a private, domestic adoption agency. In a whirlwind experience, they applied with the agency and several days later received a call about a precious baby boy, unexpectedly born at a nearby hospital, and who was needing an adoption family.  Thus, Boone arrived and provided the level of spunk and energy they needed to balance out the females in their household!


Bachelors of Arts in Education

Texas A&M University (2003)

Professional Experience

2014 - Present: Compass Adoption, Inc. - Director of Outreach & Co-Founder

2012 - Present: National Registry for Adoption - Co-Founder

2008 - Present: SoZo Event Planning, Owner and Operator

2006 - 2009: Luis Palau Association, Outreach and Event Planning

Personal Background

Charis lives in the Dallas area and enjoys spending time with her 3 children and 2 cats.  In her free time, she enjoys home decor, gardening, and participating in 5K runs.  She attends Prestonwood Baptist Church where she has volunteered in a number of their dynamic performances.


Charis is passionate about researching and educating others to help them succeed.  Though she initially began her career in the teaching field, it was her passion for adoption and experience working with children and families that led her to be involved with Compass Adoption, Inc. and NRFA.  Charis has been featured on Fox News for her work in the adoption field and can frequently be found leading or speaking at infertility support groups, as well as adoption awareness events.

Zoe, Boone, and Julah

embryo adoption, domestic private adoption, & adoption facilitation