Domestic Adoption Facilitation

What is Domestic Adoption Facilitation?

Domestic Adoption Facilitation is where we can provide adoption counseling to help you or your family find the best route to complete your family.  We connect you with the resources you need for either full support along the journey, or to simply assist in finalizing the route you feel most comfortable with through our wide network of support.


What are the Fees?
Compass Adoption takes a tiered approach so that you only pay for the services you need.


Adoption Options Counseling & Education

Not sure what the best method of adoption is for your family?  Speak with one of our experienced adoption counselors for more information about whether adoption of an embryo, domestic child/infant, child in foster care, or international placement would be the best route for your family. These services are $100/hour, with the typical initial consultation not taking more than 1 - 2 hours.

Home Study Services and/or Post-Placement Visits

Please visit the page on our website devoted to these services if you have already matched with an embryo donor and/or birth parent.

Full Domestic Adoption Facilitation

To initiate services, we charge a total of $2,550 which includes the following services:

  • Application Fee

  • Agency Fee

  • Pre-adoptive Counseling

  • Adoptive Homestudy

  • Homestudy Travel

  • Marketing Expenses

  • Adoption Counseling to Birth Parents

  • and ongoing support!

The only fees not covered in this initial expense are the following:

  • State of Texas Background Check (for ages 14+) – approx $26/per person

  • Federal / FBI Background Check (for ages 14+) – approx $40/per person

  • NOTE: Out of state applicants should talk to their Compass Adoption Caseworker about any additional fees that may apply.


Thank you again for your interest in Compass Adoption, Inc. We look forward to guiding your family’s adoption journey in any way we can. Please contact us if you have any questions!

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