Embryo Adoption

What is Embryo Adoption?

Embryo Adoption is the transfer or adoption of frozen embryos from one family to another.  Many individuals want to experience the process of pregnancy and birth, but are either unable or cautious about creating their own embryos.  Conversely, there are also a number of families that have unused embryos after completing their family through fertility treatments whose only options are to freeze the embryos indefinitely (a costly process), destroy them, or find an adoptive family.


We provide a variety of services but specialize in consultation, information and brokering services to birth parents, embryo donors and adoptive parents. Compass Adoption, Inc. is able to complete adoption home studies in order to assist in matching you with your prospective embryo donor family. Our goal is to assist you every step of the way to get connected with the appropriate services, making your adoption journey a pleasant and simple process.


What are the Fees?
To initiate services, we charge a total of $2,550 which includes the following services:

  • Application Fee

  • Agency Fee

  • Pre-adoptive Counseling

  • Adoptive Homestudy

  • Homestudy Travel

  • Marketing Expenses

  • Adoption Counseling to Embryo Donors

  • and ongoing support!


The only fees not covered in this initial expense are the following:

  • State of Texas Background Check (for ages 14+) – approx $26/per person

  • Federal / FBI Background Check (for ages 14+) – approx $40/per person

  • Fees also do not include cost of embryo transportation, medical procedures, medical fees, and/or medication. (NOTE: Out of state applicants should talk to their Compass Adoption Caseworker about any additional fees that may apply).


The home study will meet all Texas standards. If other state requirements are necessary, we will gather that information and include the necessary information to meet both states’ requirements. Once your completed application fee, homestudy fee and application materials are received and reviewed, you will then be given instructions to schedule and complete your fingerprints and background checks. The homestudy cannot be approved until all records are received (which can take up to several weeks), as well as payment for homestudy mileage / travel expenses.

Once you match with an embryo donor, a fee of $1450 will help finalize your adoption:

  • Administration / Coordination Fees

  • Legal Fees to Transfer Embryos

  • Medical Screening of Embryo Donors

  • Coordination Transfer of Embryos


Thank you again for your interest in Compass Adoption, Inc. We look forward to guiding your family’s adoption journey in any way we can. Please contact us if you have any questions!

Phone: (682) 244-2804

Fax: (682) 213-4346


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