Adoption Home Studies and Other Related Services

How do I know if I need a Home Study?

If you are just starting on your adoption journey and are needing information about the various routes for adoption, what agency would best meet your needs, the costs associated with various forms of adoption, as well as what emotional and/or financial support resources are available to you, then we recommend participating in our Adoption Informational Webinar

This Webinar is interactive with you and your spouse/partner/support system by one of our experienced adoption counselors.  These services are $100/hour, with the typical initial consultation not taking more than 1 hour, though additional time or follow up sessions can be arranged.- 2 hours.

What is a Home Study?

Great question! Home Studies can vary greatly depending on the need for services and can include:

  • Step-Parent Adoptions

  • Private, Domestic Adoptions

  • Updates to Domestic Home Studies

  • Embryo Adoption Studies

  • Home Evaluations for Custody Cases from Puerto Rico


Though the term "home study" is not a legal term, it is used to refer to two different types of studies - those related to placement of a child for the purposes of adoption or for families in contested custody cases.  Our primary focus is on services related to adoption, though we can also assist with cases referred from courts in Puerto Rico or from out of state simply to evaluate the safety of a home and family.


Because we are not a licensed child placing agency, we cannot match birth parents with prospective adoptive parents or assist with facilitating reimbursement for birth parent expenses. However, we can assist you every step of the way to get connected with the appropriate services, making your adoption journey a pleasant and simple process.


What are the Fees?
Fees depend on the exact nature of the study you are needing and your location:

  • $150 - Application Fee (applicable to all forms of studies)

  • $600 - Step-Parent and/or Relative Adoption Home Study

  • $600 - Embryo Adoption Home Study

  • $600 - Pre-Adoptive, Post Placement Home Study (for use with a child placed in the home already)

  • $1100 - Private, Domestic Adoption Home Study (for use with multiple agencies &  no child identified)

  • $300 - Initial Post-Placement Adoption Visit (if home study not completed by Compass Adoption, Inc.)

  • $100 - Each Subsequent Post-Placement Adoption Home Visits 

Updates to previously completed home studies and/or home evaluations for custody cases from Puerto Rico are dependent on the exact circumstances.  Please contact us for more information about the fees. 

  • $100 - Adoption Informational Webinar (only service not requiring an application fee)

The only fees not covered in these expenses are the following:

  • Expedited Fees for studies needing a quicker than Standard Completion Date

  • State of Texas Background Check (for ages 14+) – approx $26/per person

  • Federal / FBI Background Check (for ages 14+) – approx $40/per person

  • Risk Assessment Fees for applicants with significant criminal history

  • Mileage for studies outside of DFPS Region 3 

  • Mileage, Lodging, and Per Diem for Out of State Studies; these costs could include flight, car rental, mileage and/or hotel fees and would be discussed up front prior to scheduling the study

The home study will meet all Texas standards. If other state requirements are necessary, we will gather that information and include the necessary information to meet both states’ requirements. Once your completed application fee, home study fee and application materials are received and reviewed, you will then be given instructions to schedule and complete your fingerprints and background checks. The home study cannot be approved until all records are received (which can take up to several weeks), as well as payment for home study mileage / travel expenses.

Thank you again for your interest in Compass Adoption, Inc. We look forward to guiding your family’s journey in any way we can. Please contact us if you have any questions!

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